O'REILLY CHIROPRACTIC is a full service state of the art natural health clinic.  We emphasize treatment of the entire body not just individual parts.  Consequently, we offer a wide variety of health services.  Some of our more popular services are listed below.


CHIROPRACTIC MANIPULATION / ADJUSTMENTS OF SPINAL AND EXTREMITY JOINTS:  Dr. O'Reilly utilizes a variety of gentle and effective adjusting techniques when treating his patients.  He studied under Dr. Ralph Filson, Team Chiropractor for the St. Louis Cardinals Major League Baseball Team, Chairman of the American Chiropractic Association Adjusting Technique Council, Logan College of Chiropractic Professor and author.  Dr. O'Reilly is an expert in the use of Diversified Adjusting which is the manual manipulation of spinal and extremity joints using the hands.  Clinical experience has shown that this technique is the quickest means of returning misaligned joints to their normal positions, restoring normal joint motion, reducing muscle spasm, releasing pinched nerves, relieving pain and promoting healing and recovery.  Dr. O'Reilly is also certified in the use of the Activator Adjusting Instrument.  This is an extremely quick and precise adjusting instrument which gently "taps" joints into their normal position and restores normal joint movement.  This technique is often used in the treatment of infants, small children, patients with osteoporosis, cancer, elderly patients, stroke patients and hypersensitive patients.


ACUPUNCTURE:  Traditional Chinese acupuncture has been used for over 4,000 years in the East to successfully treat a broad range of health ailments.  More and more patients are choosing this natural treatment method as it is not only effective but is relatively painless and unlike most medications has no serious negative side effects and will not cross-react with other medications.  Dr. O'Reilly is a Certified Acupuncture Practitioner with over 18 years of clinical experience in this healing art form.  Some of the more common ailments we treat and manage with acupuncture in our clinic include headaches, neck pain, back pain, sciatica, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, chronic sinus congestion, shoulder pain / rotator cuff injuries, hip pain, bursitis, knee pain, fibromyalgia, stress / anxiety, fatigue, digestive disorders and smoking cessation.


X-RAY / RADIOGRAPHIC EXAMINATION:  X-Rays allow Dr. O'Reilly to see the exact underlying structural causes of each patient's condition and symptoms.  They are needed to arrive at an accurate and complete diagnosis and formulate an effective treatment plan.  Radiography also helps rule out other potentially more serious health conditons which may be causing symptoms such as cancer, gallstones, kidney stones, aneurysms, birth defects, infections and fractures.  In some cases, Dr. O'Reilly may arrange for more advance diagnostics such as MRI, CT, Ultrasound and Bone Scan examinations when clinically indicated.


PHYSIOTHERAPY:  We use a variety of physiotherapies to facilitate and complement the primary treatment method of manipulation  / adjusting.  They are generally designed to reduce pain, muscle spasm, inflammation and fibrotic scar tissue while increasing mobility and promoting quicker healing.  Common modalities used in this office include massage, traction, electric muscle stimulation and ultrasound.


PHYSICAL REHABILITATION:  During your recovery, Dr. O'Reilly will prescribe rehabilitative stretching and strengthening programs.  Most programs will be performed in the patient's home.  However, in some cases doctor assisted strengthening exercises will be performed in the office.  These programs increase elasticity, flexibility and range of motion while strengthening muscles and ligaments which increases joint stability and minimizes relapses and risk of future injury.


WEIGHT MANAGEMENT:  We offer general counseling in the areas of diet, exercise and behavioral modification.  Many of our patients are also experiencing significant and sustained weight loss with our Lipotocin Plus "Fat Burner" injections.  We have nutritional products to assist with removing bowel and liver toxins, promoting normal intestinal flora and improving digestion.  Weight loss and gain depends on a large variety of factors and each patient is unique.  We will develop a program specific to your individual needs and goals.


NUTRITIONAL COUNSELING:  Patients are increasingly seeking out vitamin, mineral, herbal, homeopathic and other natural alternatives to medications which in some cases can be expensive, ineffective and produce undesired side effects.  We offer general nutritional counseling as well as recommendations relative to specific health conditions a patient may have.  We also specialized in products which address chronic inflammation, support the immune system and aid in detoxification of the body.  We carry a variety of products in oral, topical, tea and injectable forms.  Two of our more popular injections include B12 and our "Wellness Shot".


CUSTOM FOOT ORTHOTICS:  Many symptoms in the back, hips and knees are caused by problems in the feet.  Heel spurs, fallen arches and plantar fascitis are common conditions that can occur in the foot.  Misaligned foot bones and weak or collapsed arch muscles are an often overlooked source ot the problem.  In addition to adjusting foot bones and prescribing arch strengthening exercises, we offer custom foot orthotics.  Our state of the art foot scanner examines each foot individually and produces a computer generated detailed image which is electronically sent to the manufacturer to produce a pair of custom foot orthotics.  Unlike most hard orthotics found in orthopedic and podiatry offices, our orthotics are soft and comfortable to wear while strong enough to support the arch muscles and properly balance the feet.


ERGONOMIC COUNSELING and INJURY PREVENTION SAFETY CLASSES for BUSINESSES:  Dr. O'Reilly is a F.I.T. Certified Injury Prevention Specialist.  He has extensive training in workplace ergonomics and musculoskeletal injury prevention.  He is the founder of OK Safety Solutions which provides ergonomic training materials for safety minded businesses and conducts injury prevention classes for their employees.  He has worked with local and national companies such as Hillcrest Hospitals, Georgia Pacific and Brinks Armored Security.  Dr. O'Reilly offers a complete program which includes an initial consultation with management regarding present status and needs followed by an on-site analysis of your company's specific working environment and equipment.  This information is then used to develop a unique program tailored to address your company's specific needs.  This is a proven and affordable program which will allow your company to effectively combat the rising costs of Workers' Compensation in today's business climate.  If you are interested in reducing your Workers' Compensation claims and the associated cost of lost work time, rising insurance rates and employee turnover resulting from these injuries, please call or email the clinic for details.


GROUP LECTURES:  Dr. O'Reilly is available for guest lectures for your organization.  Common topics for presentation include general chiropractic, nutrition, osteoporosis, ergonomics at home and weight management.  Call or email the clinic to schedule an event and topic.